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Radioddity GM-30 Review

Have you ever thought about what’s a good way to communicate with your family? Or how about when you’re out overlanding, off-roading, hiking, or camping with your buddies and there’s no cell service?  

Let’s look at the Radioddity GM-30. Full disclosure – I bought 2 of these with my own money. Also, to transmit on this radio you will need a GMRS license. The license cost is $35, and it covers your family. This radio retails for $79.99 for a 2 pack (Amazon Affiliate Link) and a programming cable, or $39.99 for a single radio (Amazon Affiliate Link). Let’s take a quick look at what comes in the package.  If you buy a single radio it comes with 1 radio, 1 antenna, 1 battery, 1 USB C cable, 1 USB C charger, 1 hand strap (threw mine away), 1 belt clip, 1 manual, and 1 earpiece (not shown). If you buy the 2 pack it comes with 2 of everything and a programming cable.

Radio Specs and Features

5-watt max output – I do not have a power meter to test this  

Battery: 1500mAh – the battery will last several hours 

USB C rechargeable  

250 total channels 

Set-up with the default 30 channels – 22 FRS/GMRS channels and 8 repeater channels 

Channels 8 thru 14 are limited to half a watt

Have the ability to receive other VHF and UHF frequencies 

Can receive FM radio and NOAA weather radio  

Have the ability to scan frequencies or channels 

Does not have any IP rating – Not water or dust resistant

It has the standard Kenwood plug for earpieces or hand mics

I did go out and do a distance test in my area. The receiving radio was on my front porch in front of a closed window, and the transmitting radio was in my 4Runner with the driver’s window down. This isn’t the most ideal conditions, but more of a real-world test.  

From my distance test, I was able to easily get 3.5 miles without much static. At 4 miles I believe there was a hill in the way of my house, but most likely on completely flat ground these radios should be able to get 4 to 5 miles if you are not on channels 8 through 14. Those channels are limited to half a watt of power. If one person is on a hill the distance will increase dramatically.  

The radio can be programmed from the front panel, but it is a little difficult and confusing. I recommend downloading the programming software from Radioddity and using it to make changes in the radio. This will require you to have a programming cable.  

Overall, this radio is a good cheap alternative to other GMRS offerings from Midland, Wouxun, and other companies. It is pretty sturdy and feels like it can take some abuse. It’s easy to use and comes ready to use right out of the box. If you are having some issues communicating with other GMRS radios make sure to check the CTCSS/DCS setting for your channel. Some other brands come pre setup with tones set up on the channels. These are great radios to use for any outdoor activity including being able to communicate between vehicles while off-roading or overlanding.  

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