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Sam Parr State Park Activation 3-19-23

Station setup at the Shadbush Pavilion

I took some time to get out and activate one of my local parks – K-1020. It was a little chilly with temps in the mid 30’s but it was nice to have some time to get back outside. I decided to run QRP to make this activation just a little harder.

My Station setup:

  1. Radio: Yaesu FT-818ND
  2. Battery: Bioenno 4.5AH
  3. Laptop: Dell Latitude E7420
  4. Antenna: DIY End Fed Halfwave 40-10

I had a blast activating the park. I was able to make contacts on 10m, 17m, 20m, and 40m. I started out on 10m and was able to make a couple of quick contacts to Oregon, but after trying to make contact with several other operators I decided to move to 17m. I was able to make another quick contact on 17m and then I decided to find a clear frequency to start calling CQ. I made one contact after calling CQ for a few minutes, then I was floored because EA1AF from Spain answered my CQ. I was floored that my little 6 watt radio was able to make a contact 4242 mi away. After that contact I made a couple more on 17m, then someone decided to QRM me as I was trying to finish my activation. I decided to move to 20m. I made one contact and realized the Pennsylvania QSO party had kicked off, so I moved up to 40m to finish out my activation by participating in the contest.

Overall, the day was a great day. I was going to stay longer but it was getting colder and my finger were starting to go numb. Also, it was getting tougher to make contacts with operators in the contest since I could only run 6 watts and everyone else was running much more than that. I’m ready for the weather to get warmer and nicer so I get out more often. My YouTube video will be posted soon and embedded below. Thanks for taking the time to read this and 73.

This is a map of the contacts I made during this activation.

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